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Professional Athlete Services

In the beginning, it was probably you, some friends, and a field or street.  Then there were teams and parents and coaches.  As your talent emerged, you began to really focus.  You set goals, developed new skills, learned the art of the game. People noticed.  Coaches turned into mentors. Recruiters started to call.  Victories were won.  Statistics became meaningful.  Then you were signed and moved into the elite group known as professional athletes.  

And now you are a business.

We’ve developed a wealth management model that positions you as the Chief Executive Officer of the business of you.  We serve as your “Personal CFO”.  We help you quantify your values, vision, and goals:  what you want your wealth to do for you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.  We have the expertise and experience to help you develop your financial game plan to help turn “sudden” wealth into sustainable long-term income. 

Unlike many wealth management firms that focus primarily on investment management, your plan will encompass asset protection, investment management, financial position, and tax optimization.  This holistic approach integrates all aspects of your financial life into a cohesive strategy to help work towards your specific goals and aspirations.

To learn more about our “Personal CFO” approach, click here.

We work to simplify managing your wealth.  That’s why we provide you with your own secure personal financial website which puts all your accounts and documents in one place.  This powerful tool gives you a clear picture of “the business of you”.  To learn more, click on the video below.

We work with athletes at all stages of your career and beyond.  Our specialized services come together to create an integrated game plan. The areas we address evolve to meet your needs as you move through life.

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