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A Message From The CEO

As my career gained momentum and my wife and I started a family, I learned that the most precious commodity I had was time. So I set about to evolve my practice. By focusing on creating a deeply personal wealth plan for each client, I could give them both a comprehensive picture of where they are today and a detailed road map of where they are going. This would simplify the complexities of managing wealth and create greater certainty for each client that they were on track to meet their goals. As a result, all the time they used to spend planning and worrying about their wealth could now be spent doing the things they truly love to do.

That was the inspiration for founding Twenty Four Wealth and the guiding principle for the team of professionals that serve our clients each day. Our goal is to give you clarity and confidence and that most precious of gifts – more time.


Anthony J. Truino

Founder - CEO - Private Wealth Advisor

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