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Investment Management

Our investment process begins with an understanding of your goals and objectives as well as your cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Our services include diagnostic review of current holdings, investment policy development, customized asset allocation, manager selection, and tactical adjustments and rebalancing. 

Our investment philosophy is driven by these core principles:

  • Diversification – Having exposure to uncorrelated betas enhance the overall portfolio. 
  • Dynamic approach – Investment decisions should be based on forward looking views and sound conceptual economic frameworks
  • Accountability – Know what you own and why you own it.
  • Humility – Markets are efficient most of the time. 

You benefit from the insights and leadership of Twenty Four Wealth’s Investment Committee, led by our Chief Investment Officer, Brendan Rafalski. The Investment Committee includes representatives from some of the largest, most successful asset management companies in the world including J. P. Morgan, MFS, PIMCO, Goldman Sachs, PGIM, and Columbia Threadneedle.

We provide an ongoing review of each portfolio including rebalancing a portfolio’s asset allocation or holdings as risk tolerance and economic cycles change.
Twenty Four Wealth’s Investment Process.

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